From Bombay to Philadelphia, Sindoor Shah has travelled a far distance
to fulfill her dreams of becoming a prominent and reputable graphic designer.
With five years of applied arts education in Bombay and further education in
USA, Sindoor gained a strong foundation in drawing technique and design concepts.

The importance of concept over layout has always resonated with Sindoor and has become what sets her apart from other designers in the industry. Her motto and belief is that strong ideas will be long remembered, and one day become
trend setters.

Her international experience enabled her to interact with designers from all across
the globe, share ideas and knowledge. She experienced the realities of the design
world by working amidst the top creative folks of today. They encouraged her to
cultivate her own design sensibility and style that gave her an edge.

At such an early stage in her career, Sindoor has worked with many prestigious clients such as Comcast, Johnson & Johnson, the Philadelphia Zoo, University of Pennsylvania, The British Council.

Sindoor is an award-winning designer beyond her years. She perseveres in growing, learning and developing her skills and techniques each day. She hopes to one day be a part of the largest design house in the world, continue to win awards worldwide and become a graphic design guru.